Let’s face it, being stuck in an office can really lead to an unhealthy life, both physically and mentally. Boredom, stress, that feeling of being unfulfilled, day dreaming of the next holiday, yes, we’ve all been there.

Keeping fit is a constant struggle, when it comes to the crunch, trips to the gym are often frowned upon as time wasting and not showing dedicated to the job at hand

well I was going to go the gym but an important meeting came up.

I just don’t have time to exercise or eat healthier.

Well quite frankly it’s all just bullshit (excuse my French). It’s just an excuse and the sooner you realise that the better.

You just haven’t committed yourself to being healthier

Your health and fitness really does matter though and not just for vanity – looking good and getting beautiful abs. Exercise is more than that because it’s not just about you, it’s about the people you love around you, your family, and your children.

Do you have the ENERGY to play with them?

Will you be fit and healthy enough not to burden your family as you get older?

Think of it this way … you brush your teeth every day, to keep your teeth healthy why wouldn’t you apply the same principal to your body

Here are some of my practical ways to stay fitter mentally and have more energy at work:

  • Take regular breaks get up and stretch your legs every hour. Stand instead of sit at your desk if possible. Don’t eat lunch at your desk in front of a computer. Try and leave the office at some point in the day, and not just to get the tube home.
  • Go to the gym – No excuses!! You owe it to yourself. But if that isn’t enough think about your family, children.  I prefer first thing in the morning as it gets it done for the day, and less excuses than when you are tired at the end of the day.
  • Don’t get a sandwich just because it’s convenient. Pre-plan your meal. Makes friends with Tupperware, and prepare your food in advance. But if you don’t have time for this, then I’m going to be trying out a couple of companies that deliver tasty nutritious meals to your home and work place.
  • Drink water throughout the day. Have a big 2 litres bottle on your desk and make sure you have drunk it all by the end of the day
  • Set some boundaries for yourself. Turn off the Blackberry or work phone, and let your colleagues / boss know at this time you will no longer be contactable unless agreed beforehand. Trust me whatever it is will not be a matter of life and death and can wait till the morning
  • Limit drinking to once in the working week. This is a tough one for me, as I love my booze and fun nights out. I’m sure many of you use alcohol to unwind and de-stress. If you do have a drink, watch how much you drink and what you drink – vodka with soda or diet coke or a small glass of wine is the better evil. Remember though, three large glasses of wine and you’ve had a bottle!
  • Invest in yourself – become a better version of yourself. Personal development and growth can inspire and truly give you a new lease of life, especially when the 9 to 5 maybe not be fulfilling your passion. I went on a Tony Robbins event, which was life changing. For those of you who don’t’ know who Tony Robbins is, he is a motivational speaker, and his events are like attending a pop concert on amphetamines. One of my key take a ways from Tony’s event, was focusing your energy on your goal and making it happen.