I worked as a high-flying sales executive in the City for many years, travelling between London, New York and Miami and enjoying the challenge of the high paced, high pressured lifestyle. My passion and enthusiasm drove me to be the best, and win sales award after sales award. But, within me was a budding Entrepreneur wanting to escape the rat race. I was successful but not fulfilled, and I’d had enough of the corporate bollocks, I was just a cog in the wheel and that wasn’t enough for me. After a lot of soul searching I finally left, to find my calling in the health and fitness industry.
They say life begins at 40 and for me it really was a new beginning……..A new life!
My passion for health and fitness started after many motivational sessions with my Personal Trainer, a fellow Geordie. With his help, I quit smoking, binned the yoyo diets and completed the Great North Run, which had always been a dream. After taking the leap, and leaving the City it only seemed right I should try my hand at becoming a Personal Trainer myself.
However, I soon realised that the go getter sales person was still lurking within me, and the jogging bottoms and trainers were doing nothing for my glamorous side and sense of style. Yes, I confess I missed the high heels!

Realising there was a huge a gap in the market, together with a business partner, I started my own brand of glamorous fitness wear for woman. The first season was launched and very successful amongst the trendy young woman taking inspiration from our Ambassadors, glamorous personalities in the industry. Sales were mostly driven by events organised in gyms and Personal Trainers that were incentivised to sell the brand. We’d built up a good following on social media and were soon chased by the bloggers.  Times got tough though as money began to run out, and as any Entrepreneur will know, becoming profitable takes time. After months of sleepless nights and deliberating over investment on the table, I decided to sell my shares in the business.
Roll on 2015, the year when I take on myself.  I entered my first bikini body building show:  Miami Pro European championships. This meant months of putting my body through the mill. Despite being a hard core gym fanatic, I still had a lot of work to do to be stage ready for a body building competition. To most people ladies competing in the bikini category don’t appear to have a lot of muscle but don’t be fooled! A serious amount of muscle building, lifting serious weights goes into the physique, as well as on point nutrition. And so it began, I radically changed my diet (the alcohol part was a killer), learned how to pre-cook and plan my meals, pose professionally (pouty selfies are nothing). But, most of all, I proved that in your 40tys you can still feel and look 20 years younger.
I will share the journey in my ebook which will have the good, the bad, the ugly, the drama, the fall outs, the tears, the sweat and the joys. I want people to see that goals all come with their challenges that CAN be overcome. Think of me as the Carrie Bradshaw of the fitness world??? Should I say more like Bridget Jones. I hope to inspire a few women along the way and be a source of support to those deciding to leave corporate life and take on new challenges to fulfil their dreams. 

So what now? Well I’d like to share some of my training and nutrition knowledge that I have learnt that has truly transformed my eating habits and the way I think of food. The life changing secrets to a great body that you aren’t told by the media, and it’s not rocket science.
I’m hoping to inspire woman to follow their passion. For many this may mean leaving the corporate world, which is where I can help by sharing some of my own experiences. It’s not easy and there is a lot to take into consideration if you are think of taking the leap and living outside the conventional box of life.
I’m continuing with my passion and working on bringing a better version of me to stage in my next competition. Training has started in full and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to bring…

To end on a quote that I love;
We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing
George Bernard Shaw