I’ve always struggled with my body image, although in most people’s eyes I was thin, I was what’s now been commonly labelled as skinny fatlooking thin in clothes but with little muscle. This was caused by years of skipping meals, drinking dinner most nights but still enough exercise, cardio based, to burn away muscle slowly.

I wanted to be able to eat more have muscle definition and look like the healthy, fit and glamorous women on magazine covers, not the anorexic looking catwalk fashion models (I hope I’m not offending anyone here).

So I decided to fulfil one of my dreams and face my body issues, I entered my first bikini body building competition, proving that it’s never too late to change the way you look and feel.

If I can do it in my forties then you have no excuse!

I enlisted the help of a coach and began a very different type of training and nutrition plan than I’d ever done before. Finally, here were the secrets that led to amazing results.

What I learnt with competition prep has changed the way I think of food and the way I train. Gaining REAL results is a life style change and one that I will continue. Good bye fad diets – you have gone for good!

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Follow my Nutrition and Training tips on creating a better body naked whatever your age and feeling fit and healthy at the same time